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Overleaf as a service

Get your research and development team to the next level using your instances of Overleaf.

Overleaf is an opensource online platform for generating document from LaTeX inputs and work in a collaborative way similar to gitlab or github (realtime and collaborative mode, history and revisions, preview management, etc). Very suitable for a research and development team.

It's so far the better experience to work with LaTeX in a collaborative and modern way.

What's the difference with the overleaf SaaS version:

  • It can be hosted in Europe 🇪🇺 (including France 🇫🇷) with French providers (like Scaleway or OVH)
  • It's like you own a VPS, it's your own instance with your chosen sizing: you'll not be limited by a number of projects, whatsoever
  • You can backup the data on object storage easily using this backup-bucket opensource project and object storage


Demo and tutorials

You can find demo and tutorials here

Minimal requirements

We advise to start with an instance >= DEV1-M

Sizing and pricing

Check it out here.

You can also choose to do it by yourself, it's completely free, enjoy our repository with the ansible role in order to install it by yourself.