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Comwork Cloud

Here's the documentation of comwork cloud console and API.

"CwCloud" (for Comwork Cloud) is a DaaS1 platform that allows us to speed up the provisioning of the infrastructure and managed service such as serverless FaaS engine, Advanced web IDE, DBaaS2, WPaaS3, or any other application you want to deploy as a managed service.


It aims to provide those services in a "IaC4" or "GitOps" way: you'll get access to gitlab repositories that contains ansible roles, templates and playbooks you'll be able to maintain (same thing with Helm charts for Kubernetes instances very soon). The modification on this repositories will automatically be applied in your instances.

There is a SaaS version which provide instances that are hosted on Scaleway or OVHCloud. Those two are really beautiful European 🇪🇺 cloud providers and we intend to propose even more cloud providers in the future (CwCloud can work with any cloud provider that provide standard IaaS5 API's such as OpenStack or Kubernetes in the very near future).

There is also a way to deploy a self-hosted version of CwCloud with your own prefered cloud provider and account. The self-hosted version is also compatible with AWS and cloudflare (for the DNS records).

Available resources


Tutorials and demos

Go see all our available tutorials and demo here

Self-hosted version

You're already hosted on Scaleway or OVHCloud or any other cloud provider based on Openstack API, you can have your own self-hosted instance.

You can contact us if this is something you're interested in.

  1. Deployment as a service, check-out this tutorial to know more about this concept
  2. Databases as a service
  3. Wordpress as a service
  4. Infrastructure as code
  5. Infrastructure as a service