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We're developing our own FaaS1 platform which is agnostic and API-centric. We're also proposing to deploy other FaaS platform such as OpenFaaS / Faasd.


This page is also available in the following languages:

Comwork cloud FaaS​

Our FaaS engine is supporting the following languages:

  • Python
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • Bash

You can ask for this feature which is still in beta using the support system.


Supported programing languages​

Here's a quick demo with the programing languages supported:


Note: beware of protecting your function's arguments with a validation regexp, especially for Bash ;-)

Lowcode with blockly​

It's also possible to use Blockly as a graphical programing (a.k.a "lowcode") interface:




There's no pricing at this time, it's free and in beta. In the future, invocation execution time (in hours) will be billed.

OpenFaas / Faasd​

You can deploy a a lightweight OpenFaaS (Faasd) instance in order to deploy serverless functions and containers.


Demo and tutorial​

You can find demo and tutorials here

Minimal requirements​

We advise to start with an instance >= DEV1-M

Sizing and pricing​

Check it out here.

  1. functions as a service↩