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Portainer as a service

Get your infrastructure to the next level using portainer on our cloud platform!

Portainer will help you transform your CwCloud instances as a real and modern CaaS1.


Here is a non exhaustive list of portainer usecases we're enjoying the most:

  1. You can manage you other CwCloud instances with a portainer edge agents and list them like that:


  1. You can manage the containers that are deployed on the edge agents or directly on your portainer instance:


  1. You can manage a container: see it's stdout/stderr output or connect directly with a shell session:


Multiple other actions:

  • Clean the docker/OCI images
  • Connect to a private docker/OCI registry
  • Kubernetes integration
  • Deploy directly your containers from a catalog or a docker-compose file you just have to upload like a real PaaS2

Demo and tutorials

You can find demo and tutorials here

Minimal requirements

We advise to start with an instance >= DEV1-M

Sizing and pricing

Check it out here.

You can also choose to do it by yourself, it's completely free, enjoy our repositories with the docker images and ansible roles in order to install it by yourself.

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