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Mastodon as a service

Mastodon is an OpenSource and Federated software which brings you the ability to provide microblogging features which are similar to Twitter or Reddit social networks.


Mastodon is also part of the Fediverse like PeerTube. So it makes more sens to add new instances instead of joining the existing big instances such as or fosstodon. Moreover, some of them are suffering big increase of charge and needs to scale up without having enough found.

We're proving this free instance for you to test and join mastodon but we'll probably have to close the new registrations at some point. But don't worry, this is also the reason we're providing dedicated instances if you want to promote the Fediverse with this CwCloud offer.

Demo and tutorial

You can find demo and tutorials here

Minimal requirements

We advise to start with an instance >= DEV1-M

Sizing and pricing

Check it out here.

You can also choose to do it by yourself, it's completely free, enjoy our repository with the docker images and ansible roles in order to install it by yourself.